UV Sterilisation

We supply replacement UV lights and install new UV sterilisation/disinfection systems.

A small UV steriliser can be installed under the sink, or a larger one can be installed to serve the whole house for kitchen, kettle, bath water, teethbrushing, and laundry.UV units can be added to any roof, bore, or stream supply.

UV disinfection systems utilise a natural process which doesn’t alter the water composition.

When water has been properly filtered, UV disinfection neutralises bacteria and protozoa, making your water safe for even the newest of infants

To ensure safe, healthy water, both filters and a UV system are required.UV disinfection works by directing water flows over a UV light (similar to a fluorescent light) which prevents unwanted organisms reproducing by altering their DNA. If the water is not properly filtered, pathogens hidden behind dirt particles may not be treated because the light doesn’t come into contact with them.

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