Water coolers

Water coolers give you clean, crisp, filtered cool water whenever you want it. They allow you and your family to stay hydrated and healthy, and are a much cheaper option when they are filtered in the home, compared to buying bottled water.

Serviced Plumbed-In Water coolers

We supply and service plumbed-in, automatically refilling water coolers for the office, factory, school, kindergartens, and early childhood centres.

Our Plumbed-In service includes installation, filter changes scheduled every year, and a twice-yearly sanitising service, whether you rent or own your cooler. Servicing is carried out by a qualified professional on a regular timetable so it’s easy and you don’t have to look after it yourself.

Our friendly, reliable, service professional is a water health specialist with an Opus-International qualification, the National Diploma in Drinking-Water Assessment. He has a public health and environmental background of more than ten years, and is qualified to advise on best water storage and maintenance practices, and other aspects of drinking-water health.

Serviced Bottle Water Coolers

Ideal for businesses and kindergartens, our Bottle Water Cooler service comes with a four-monthly regular sanitising schedule.

Sanitising is important because filtering removes chlorine from the purified water, and it is possible for dirt from dirty hands to get in during the bottle changing process, or the water to develop algae if the unit is in the sun, so we do it twice as often as most others.

Bream Bay Water Purifiers make having healthy, safe, cool water available at all times a breeze.  Everything is done for you.  All you need to do is enjoy your own wholesome water, and ensure your health by staying hydrated.

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