Water Filters

We supply water filters able to remove sediment, protozoa, certain chemicals, and bad tastes and odours.

Town Supply Water Filters

Filters for town supply water remove chlorine, unpleasant tastes, objectionable odours, and other chemicals.

Roof/Tank Water Filters

Sediment and Protozoa Removal

Our high quality tank/bore/stream-water filters remove sediments and protozoa.

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters for water-tanks remove the tastes and odours caused by organic matter entering your water supply.

Filter Life

If water tanks are not regularly cleaned (every two to five years) tank-water filters can become blocked over time and cause reduced flow to your taps. Regular tank cleaning extends the life of your filters and is much more cost-effective than replacing filters every four to six months. Keep gutters and roofs clean to lessen organic inputs to the tank.

Non-Filtered Tank Water

Decaying organic and faecal matter easily finds its way into unfiltered tank water supplies. Most commonly these come from bird and possum droppings on the roof and detritus from trees and windborne dust, being washed into the tank with rain, and more often than people realise, rats and mice accidentally falling into the tank and dying.

Environmental public health monitoring has shown that sickness from water supplies (most frequently tank water supplies) is caused by certain strains of bacteria to which the very young and elderly, whose immune systems are either not fully-developed or have been compromised, are exceptionally susceptible.

Installing filters and UV sterilisation could preserve a life. They’re a little like a car seat belt – most of the time you’re alright, but on the one occasion when conditions are prime, failing to use one could result in death.

Most of us recognise the importance of keeping our vehicles serviced and periodically replacing air and oil filters, but for many, when it comes to the drinking water we put into our bodies to maintain health and well-being, we fail to put a value on it. Keeping tanks and roofs clean and changing water filters is critical to a safe water supply.

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